Ad hoc Support

Ad hoc, or on-demand Joomla support, is our 'pay as you go' Joomla support service. Intended primarily for one-off or unscheduled support work, this service is often a client's first port of call with us.

If you have a Joomla problem or a website project that needs instant attention and you haven't secured an on-going or 'retained' Joomla support contract then our 'pay as you go' CMS support service is what you are looking for.

Typical pay-as-you-go Joomla support tasks include such help as:

★ Ad hoc advice or guidance on how certain tasks might be achieved.
★ Advice or consultancy on choice of Joomla extensions 
★ Installation of new Joomla extensions
★ Updating / upgrading Joomla extensions

Some specific services carry fixed fees while most others are simply a factor of the time used to solve them. We will advise you of the likely costs for any work when you contact us. Our standard hourly rate charges are listed in our service price guides.

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