Support Contract

Joomla Support Contract, available to clients using the Joomla Content Management System. Our support professionals use Joomla every day so we have a vast array of experience and expertise with which to help you.

Under our retained support contracts, clients purchase a package which provides a specified number of support hours each month. This guarantees you access to our services when you need them. In return for this commitment, you receive a deep discount of over 33%. This is partly a thank you for the regular flow of work and reduced administrative burden - and in part recognition that not all clients will utilise all of their allocation of support time each month.

Joomla Support Services

Your Joomla Support Contract can be utilised for almost any Joomla support service that we provide. Clients typically use their retainer for on-going tasks such as:

★ Search Engine Optimisation
★ Website promotion and online marketing
★ Critical updates and security monitoring of ecommerce sites
★ Joomla template tweaks
★ Installing and configuring components, plugins and modules
★ Setup content templates and styling tags to improve workflow and reduce content creation time
★ Securing and monitoring servers to stop downtime and prevent loss of sales
★ Changing your Joomla menu structure
★ Reducing the proliferation of menus and modules (improve site architecture) to speed up your site
★ On-going page load time issues - speed up your website
★ Monitoring Google Analytics
★ Monitoring Google Adwords account

Obviously we can be called upon for a wide range of one-off tasks such as

★ Ad hoc advice or guidance on how certain tasks might be achieved
★ Advice or consultancy on choice of components, modules and plug-ins
★ Installation of new extensions
★ Updating / upgrading CMS extensions
★ Retained contracts are for a minimum three hours per month and initial twelve month period.

Joomla Support Contract

33% Discount - so you always know how much you are paying and saving - Guaranteed

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